In this section, “Tour” is recognised as the trip being booked by the Customer through VIETLAND HOLIDAYS. “Customer” means travellers who agree to purchase the Tour and/or any person/party on whose behalf you agree to purchase the Tour and is listed on the Reservation Form. The word "Contract" refers to the legally binding agreement between VIETLAND HOLIDAYS and the Customer.

A. Creating the Contract      

No contract shall be deemed to be binding and valid until the Company has received:
(i) the confirmation confirmed by the Customer; and
(ii) the required deposit or full payment for the Tour.

B. Termination of the Contract

The Company reserves the right to terminate the Contract if the Customer's behavior, conduct, manner and/or actions, either prior to or during the Tour, are likely to cause offence to other customers, or endanger the safety, well-being, property and/or benefits of other customers, Company staff and associates, or the Customer himself/herself. In such cases, full cancellation charges as set out in the sub-section of this, namely Alternatives and Cancellations shall apply and the Company shall have no further liability toward the Customer. If the behavior, conduct, and/or actions of the Customer cause any damage to the accommodation in which the Customer is staying, or causes the delay or diversion of any means of transportation and/or the Tour, the Customer agrees to fully indemnify the Company against any claim (including legal costs) made against the Company by or on behalf of any relevant third party.