Immigration procedures for visitors entering Vietnam by sea

Like most of the countries in the world, when international visitors entering Vietnam from a cruiseship they also need a visa however procedures are different with immigration at the airports. The following section hereafter is some requirements and information that cruise passengers are required to know.

In Vietnam, Vietnam Border Defense Force is in charge of issuing visa for cruiseship passengers, they will together with a pre-defined or appointed international tour operator to process visa for this type of guests beforing they arriving the port. Upon arrival or departure, guests will be instructed as follows:
- Receive and fill out the visa application form from Vietnamese tour operators (partners welcoming cruise visitors to Vietnam).
- When the ship docks, visitors present their passport so that Port Border Unit checks, compares and issues separate entry visa.
- Visitors manage their own passport and separate visa during sightseeing time in Vietnam.
- When departing from Vietnam, visitors present their separate visa for Port Border Unit to stamp “invalid” on visa.
- For international cruise ships which have the itinerary through many Vietnamese ports, visitors carry out entrance procedure at the first port; exit procedure at the last port; and checklist reference when get on and off ships at the other ports.
- The visa fee for visitors entering Viet Nam by sea is USD5 per person.