What is the best time to travel to Vietnam and surroundings?

There are no good or bad seasons to visit Vietnam and other countries in the region. There are many different climates in the various regions of Vietnam due to the pronounced elongation of the country, which ensures that at any given moment there will always be beautiful weather in one particular place and miserable weather in another.

Vietnam which is located on the eastern Indochina Peninsula, representing a typical climate of the Indochinese region. In the North of the country the winters are ‘cool’ with temperatures between, 12-20 Celsius, and the summers are hot and humid. The temperature can drop to zero in the mountains during the winter. The rainy season stretches from June until September. In the South of the country it is warm and humid the whole year round with a rainy season from May until October. Central Vietnam has a similar climate to the South, but sometimes endures bad weather in the autumn as a result of storms at sea.