Why you should choose packaged tours?

Packaged, group or customised tours are still popular though solo travels are developing due to the widespread supports of technology and more convenient transportation. In this section we provide arguments and opinions concluding the common needs of packaged tours. This is from our experice and also may from a huge number of travellers are doing when they are heading to Vietnam.

Why packaged tours?


·  Package travel takes care of all the on-the-ground logistical hassles, which as a solo traveler can range unpredictably from "no problem at all" to "nightmarish" for reasons that may make sense in retrospect but are difficult to predict or clear up if you aren't already familiar with a place.

·  It does a better job than you probably will of squeezing a large number of highlights into a small amount of time. You may want to visit famous old church X, but it's a day out of the way and not really any better than other closer churches. If you're a solo traveler you might do it anyway, but on a tour they'll skip it and you'll see churches A, B, and C in the same amount of time.

·  It provides you with knowledgeable guides who are fluent in your language. As a solo traveler it can be a ton of work to research the historical or geological or political or cultural backgrounds of all the places on your "want to visit" list. On a good package tour, your guide will give you a broad overview while you're on the bus heading toward the place, then will dive into detail as desired.

·   Along similar lines, if you take a specialty tour rather than a generic one, you may get access to people and places that would be difficult or impossible to arrange as a solo traveler. For example, there are tour companies specializing in archaeology that give you some training then send you to active dig sites that are closed to the public. Photography tours will often be led by world-class professional photographers who will critique your work during the trip.

·  It frees you from having to plan your own itinerary. Planning a trip can be fun but is also surprisingly time-consuming and sometimes stressful, even for people who are mostly winging it rather than planning things to the second ("Ugh, is every damned guesthouse in the whole city booked solid on Wednesday night?") And you'll get it wrong sometimes due to your lack of local knowledge, e.g., by visiting place A and then place B instead of the other way around, you miss an interesting annual festival in place B that you didn't know about but a tour operator would have.

·   You are well-fed and, for the most part, well-rested for the entire trip. The "well-fed" part may mean you're unable to experience authentic local food - but it also means you are highly unlikely to be puking your guts out in the middle of the trip because the street vendor you picked at random reused last week's cooking oil and you didn't know it.

·   You have others of a similar cultural background nearby to talk to about the experience, since you're probably traveling with a group. Solo travel can be pretty isolating at times.


Outstanding advantages of packaged tours:

·      gives opportunity to avoid spending many hours on searching, booking, etc.

·      to avoid problems with travel documents.

·      usually package tours are cheaper than self-organized ones.

·      you get travel insurance - so you can feel safer.

·    all the destinations have been already checked - so you don’t risk to find yourself in the wrong boat.

·    you travel with people from your city/country - so you have an opportunity to make friends for many years.